A wonderfull poem written by my cousin Samantha Braum

A Wanderer Reflects
My boots have left a print where ancient feet once trod
My wheels have left a track of curiosity
I wonder what it was that drove them onward
I wonder what it was that kept them moving

My eyes have witnessed sunsets unimagined
My heart has felt the unspeakable sunrise
 I am awed by Nature's artistry
A photographer’s dream

I have raced a Springbok across the Veldt
I have touched a Goshawk in flight
My spirit just an arm’s length from perfection
My words incapable of description

Bow low to the majestic architect
Be humbled by His vast palette
It is here that science fiction is inspired
Surrounded by rock and formation

I have rested my head in desolate places
Places few modern eyes have settled upon
I wonder how many feet have past this way.
I wonder how many heads have lain where I lay.

I have felt the desire to stop and stare in wonder
While others speed by conscious only of themselves
Humankind with a need to say, "I've done it!"
Humankind with no eyes to say, "I've seen it!"

I have glimpsed the lives of fellow wonderers
I have heard their story while they listened to mine
We have walked the same path together
Then parted ways in the dust of a new road

I have sat and pondered normality
While God paints pictures in the sky
I have yearned for family and friends
For the beauty I see should be shared 

I have cursed God in the snow, wind and rain
Then praised His Majesty as I happen upon paradise
These two wheels offer no shield or comfort
They lead only into Mother Nature's embrace 

I have looked into the eyes of an old man
As he remembers days long gone
 I saw a reflection in his eyes
Of his past, his journeys and his youth

I have tried to capture this beauty with a lens
 It is time to put the camera to rest
Perhaps her words will capture my ramblings
Perhaps her pen will fill this canvas
Samantha Braum Feb 2014

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