Sunday, August 29, 2010

A chance meeting ...

On friday the 27 August we were on our way out for dinner and to fetch my brother from the airport and just down the road from my moms place we saw 2 motorbikers stopped on the side of the road. We made a quick u-turn and went back to speak to them, they were on a trip all the way from Holland and their names are Kiem and Marko. We showed them the way to the B&B they were staying at and made plans to meet up in the morning to talk to them about their trip.
WOW what a great morning !! we had breakfast at Joe Kools and listened to all their stories and advice that they had to tell us Kristine and I just sat there with goose pimples listening to all they had to tell us and just made us even more excited for our departure on our trip, what an awsome couple we are really looking forward to meeting up with them when we get to Holland.
Can you believe it they did about 16000 kilometers on 1 set of tyres and they didn`t get 1 puncture the whole trip !!! still can`t believe it !!!
Kiem and Marko THANK YOU it was awsome meeting you guys and thank you for all the advice you passed on to us. Looking forward to meeting up in Holland next year.

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