Sunday, March 20, 2011

The night before...

20th March 2011 – we can hardly believe that tonight is the last night we will be staying in Durban, South Africa for somewhere up to 2 years.
As a bit of history – about two years ago Nick and I were sitting at our bar at the flat looking out at the lights of Durban discussing what our future could look like. We love to travel and knew that we needed to get out of Durban and see as much of the world while we were young without responsibilities and happy to rough it!! It was at this point that we decided a trip through our own continent would be the best place to start...and there started the idea of: ‘Africa to Anywhere’. From that day our expenses were tightened and the saving began. To be honest, we did have a huge debate about whether we should use a 4x4 or motorbike...and decided that as Ted Simon says – travelling on bike you feel that much closer to the world you are experiencing. And that is exactly what this trip is about – experiencing other cultures, different environments and (of course) doing it all as cheaply as possible. Before we knew it we had 2 Kawasaki KLR650’s and from there the planning began...and here we sit with our panniers packed, our Durban life packed up and butterflies in our stomach!
Nick and I both finished work by the 5th March 2011, and the last 2 weeks have been the craziest getting all the last bits of paperwork ready. Not to mention organising the well equipped medical aid kit, tool kit and all the other bits and bobs we feel a necessity for the trip. Below are a few pics of us boxing up our lives, kitting out the bikes and packing for the journey.

On Friday, 18th March 2011 we had our farewell at Hops...very fitting because we have both spent so much time there having a party with good friends and meeting new friends each night. It was such a lovely evening catching up with everyone and showing off our bikes and all the hard work we have put into getting them ready for this adventure. Thank you to everyone that was able to make it, and for supporting us in our raffle to earn some funds for the first leg of the trip 

Tomorrow is departure date...we are going to be leaving from outside Lorna’s house (Nick’s mom) at 8am where we will take a slow drive down to our first destination – Kokstad . We’ll be staying with family that we saw 2 years ago during our trip to Baviaanskloof.
We cannot thank everyone enough for all the support and help we have received during these planning stages. It has been a long time coming, and we are bubbling with excitement to hit the road and start “Livin the Dream’!
Best wishes to everyone.


  1. Love it!!! Live it !!! Sniff sniff so sad!!
    Miss you guys too much already, thinking of you. Will pray for your everyday.xxxxx

  2. Dear Nick and Teeny

    So this morning you guys left. Not only did you leave on the biggest adventures of your lives, you left the rest of us standing there thinking about our own lives and how we are spending our short time here on earth. What an inspiration. Your dream was turned into a reality, whereas a lot of us (and this includes me) dont really progress past the dream. Nic and I will certainly reevalutate the way we live our lives. Judging by the teary, yet starry eyes of your loved ones you left behind today, it is clear that the pair of you have touched so many lives. Well done.

    Look after one another and your health!
    Lots of love,

    Bon and Nic.

    PS - Teeny if you happen to drop that machine of yours (which seems to weigh three times your body weight) just remember to look all sexy and hardcore ;) Here is to buns and abs of steel sista!

  3. Missing you guys already!
    We really enjoyed a fantastic farewell with you on Friday, and it was so special being there to send you off this morning. Very emotional, but so worth it. We know you are going to have the adventure of a lifetime and can't wait to read about all your unique and amazing encounters in Africa and beyond. You guys are truely an inspiration to anyone who has a dream!
    I am going to read your blogs to Garrett and show him all your pictures, he is truely going to miss his Uncle Nick! 2 years is a long time for a little one, but I will not let him forget you guys.
    Keep safe and come back with many stories to tell!!

  4. Wow guys, i can't believe that the time has finally come!! After so much planning, stressing and packing it must be amazing to have finally set off.

    Please keep us updated - I need to live vicariously through you guys on this trip because i am SO jealous that I cannot do it.

    Love of love and happiness to you guys on this amazing journey!

    Rob xxx

  5. Hi Nick and Kristine, Just read about your trip in the Northglen News and wanted to wish you well for your adventure, praying God's protection and care over you both on this trip. Will be looking out for your blogs, have fun!
    kind regards
    Shelley (Umhlanga)

  6. Hi Guys
    I think I met you on the day of your departure, it was at Umkomaas on the south coast. I am totally jealous, I think it must be one of the most amazing adventure anyone could do - going around the World on a KLR Kawa. I wish you all the best of luck and may God protect & guide you with every encounter along the way, so many people and different cultures along the way. Time may become tough out there but don't loose focus this is your dream (and mine) it is one of the modern day Explorations that will go down in history.
    ENJOY !!!!!!
    God Bless